Virtual Flute and Saxophone Lessons with a Local Specialist




We offer customized Flute and Saxophone lessons from a local professional.

Anne Carlson’s roots are in the Northwest and has firsthand experience with local music values and opportunities.

Whether a student wants to play casually, join a group, or strive to achieve in school or competitions we are here to help them invest in their future.

Each student flourishes when their interests provide materials to build a learning bridge.  

Our goal is to guide students to unlock their own potential.

Learning materials are personalized and encourage choice and student interests.

Virtual lessons offer immediate access to recordings, music libraries and live recording within the lesson.


"Flute Lessons with Anne helped me reach my full potential in music.

Her keen attention to detail and vast knowledge helped me navigate the chaotic world of band.

I earned a spot in the upper level band my first audition opportunity! I highly suggest Flute Flourish for anyone who wants to advance their abilities,  knowledge and self confidence. -M. Ivanstov, Student


Pre-K, Kindergarten, Young Learners and Special Needs


We are excited to offer flute and saxophone lessons to Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, young musicians, and children with special education needs.


Using the new advances in technology, flutes that play and sound like the real thing and are simple to learn area a reality.


Gone are the days of the dreaded, squeaky, ear-splitting recorder.


Welcome to the new age of flute and saxophone lessons for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, young learners, and special needs students!  

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